Michelle Darrow

RN, MSN, FNP, Coach, Spiritual Counselor

I can help you break free from negative patterns that keep you stuck in your stuff

Hi! I’m Michelle

I’m so glad you’re here. A bit about me: I am a human aficionado and student of life. I care deeply about human connection. I believe personal and spiritual growth both contribute to our wellbeing.  My passion is helping clients learn how to  transform their lives – whether that be via improved health, navigating challenges or simply updating routines and habits.

I describe my coaching as a little science mixed with a bit of woo woo- and a lot of heart. People hire me to feel connected and confident again; to learn how to fulfill their potential —and to live their most vibrant lives!  Whether you are seeking assistance with weight loss, improved mental wellness or just a new direction in life— I take my role as an accountability partner seriously. Witnessing my clients achieve their desired changes provides me with the greatest joy!

Michelle Darrow

What I Offer

A coaching program that will enable you to live more authentically and maximize your full potential. I combine regenerative medicine health tools with wellness/mindset coaching. Complete the program and feel healthier, happier and inspired.


Clarity and Action package

This package helps you uncover and discover what is already inside of you to move yourself forward towards your desired goal. 

5 -Week

Purpose Package

A shorter program for those who feel they know what they want, but need a little accountability to make it happen. This 5-week package.

Single Session

A perfect blend of hand holding and motivation

A perfect blend of hand holding and motivation for new clients who only want a single session or existing clients who desire a call when a …

Client Testimonials

Witnessing my clients achieve their desired changes provides me with the greatest joy!

“I found Michelle to be a tremendous coach and teacher. Her processes, her approach to challenges, her infectious attitude—you will achieve your goals. The trust you feel when working through issues is honest and supportive. She is a terrific guide through the process of discovery and learning about oneself. Michelle helps strip away old patterns/beliefs and coaches you toward a greater approach to life.”


“I worked with Michelle during an incredibly difficult and painful time in my life. First of all, she helped me to feel elevated from despair which allowed me to be able to work on important life issues and set goals. She was compassionate and intuitive and completely understood my situation. If anyone is considering working with her, I would urge you to not hesitate. She is a wonderful human.”


“Michelle is the BEST is the business! She coached me and with her help, I was able to lose 35 lbs that I had hung onto for many years. After achieving my weight loss goal, she helped me freshen up my new look with a few esthetic treatments. She is so good because she has an eye for esthetics combined with a great medical background. With Michelle art meets skill. I can’t recommend her highly enough!!”