About Michelle Darrow

My Story

My professional roles include Family Practice Nurse Practitioner; licensed in CA. MSN. RN. Spiritual counselor. Health and Wellness Coach. Although my professional experience as a Nurse Practitioner and Coach has shaped and enrichened my career, some of my biggest lessons have come from being a wife, mother and daughter. These roles have influenced my coaching as much as my professional experience as an FNP

My husband and I have a medical clinic that helps our patients heal pain and illnesses via Regenerative Medicine.http://www.jointrehab.com My role originally was focused only on aesthetics and wellness coaching. However, my patients inspired me to dig deeper. This led me to pursue and complete the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaching Training. In 2021, it all came together and Regenerate your Body and Mind was created. 

Creds, Certs and Trainings

RN, MSN; Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, Aesthetic Nurse Injector, Registered Respiratory Therapist, Martha Beck Wayfinders Trained Life Coach, Wellcoaches Trained Health and Wellness Coach, Spiritual Psychology at USM

Experience that matters

Working together

Get ready to uncover your beliefs and motivators! I help you dig deep and reveal what you’ve been missing all along.  You will discover what  unconscious behaviors and patterns have been directing your choices thus far. Then we will work on changing those patterns– leading to a more meaningful and successful existence for you! Here’s the deal: you can’t transform what you’re not aware of! Our work will shed light on that which has been running your show – enabling you to make changes and create your most optimal life!